Wedding DJs in Honolulu, HI and Top Five Vital Things You Need to Tell Them

5 Things Your Wedding DJ Should Know

It is no easy task to provide wedding entertainment to event as big as weddings. You will need someone that could act as your MCs, take care of the music, do announcements, and have the guests participate in the activities. For that, you are in dire need of a really good wedding DJ. However, no matter how a good a wedding DJ is everything could fall apart with few mistakes and most of them could be failure to letting them know what they should know. As the bride, here are five important things that you need to tell to you wedding DJ.dj3

  1.         When to play the most important songs – For a start, you should let your wedding DJ the must-be-played songs. Give him your own playlist of your wedding songs with details about when they should be played and how should be played. Especially during the major moments such as the wedding party introduction, last dance with the parent, first dance with the husband/wife, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tossing, and your last song, this is to make sure that everything is on cue.
  2.     How names must be pronounced – Since wedding DJs in Honolulu, HI will also have to act as the Master of the Ceremonies, you have to be alert and let the one you hired know if there could be some names that are a bit difficult to pronounce. This is to make smooth grand entrance introductions without suffering from the side comments that you can get from the guests.
  3.         The songs that are forbidden to be played – Since you have your own lit of songs that must be played, for sure there are also some that did not make the cut and belong to your “do not play list of songs”. Make room for the DJ to take song requests from the guests and if there are some that is included on your do not play list, he should simply and politely tell that they don’t have that certain song available.
  4.         Language that are off-limits – Although professional wedding DJs in Honolulu, HI understand that weddings are formal events and how they work, dressed, talk, and act should be appropriate, there are still some who are over the edge. To ensure that nobody gets offended, tell ahead your wedding DJ your limitations in terms of language especially foul words that must not be used and your volume preferences.
  5.         Family feud that he should be more careful with – Bad blood in the family is not unusual. This could be something that your wedding DJ must not be concerned about, but believe it or not this is something that you must also make him be aware and get sensitive with. With this, he knows how interact with your family and take utmost care when announcing their names at the reception.

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